The Deal Is Dead. Long Live the Deal.

Well before our “Deal-Maker”-in-Chief rendered the idea ridiculous, “Deal” had become something of a four-letter word in small business circles. And the reasons for that are fairly straightforward.

As traditional local marketing vehicles – like the yellow pages and neighborhood newspapers – either disappeared or lost their relevance, digital platforms like Groupon, Yelp and the like rushed in to fill the void.

Throwing Hope Against the Wall, Hoping It Sticks

For the most part, their recommended strategies were similar and remedial: promote steep discounts to win new customers! The methods that some of these “marketing” platforms employed at the time to gain traction in neighborhoods like yours were notorious if not downright extortive.

Initially, though, local independent businesses – threatened on all fronts by big box, national chains and something new called “Amazon” – swallowed the bait (and often their pride) to try something – anything – that might help them compete effectively.

But it quickly became apparent that when coupled with steep fees charged by these companies (as much as 50% of a purchased “deal”) those already discounted offers resulted in zero profit for participating businesses.

“Don’t Worry. It’ll Come Out In the Wash.”

Still, this was about expanding our customer bases, right?  Driving trial among excited new patrons who would return again and again with or without a discount?  Nope. This too proved false because the non-local bargain hunters lured by our sharply discounted goods or services moved on quickly to their next cut-rate opportunity and rarely returned for our full-priced offerings.

As a result, and to this day, “The Deal” as a concept elicits scorn in many local entrepreneurs.  Our collective inclination, it seems, was to throw the baby out with the bathwater. But cleverly crafted deals, used the right way, are still the most effective tactic for enticing the right sort of customers. And they’re an excellent way to reward your most loyal patrons.

Your Most Valuable Customers Deserve Your Most Valuable Offers is a geo-fenced directory and marketplace that allows your small business to Poast a deal that you control – an offer exclusively for your most valuable customers. We’re talking about the locals who have a vested interest in your success – because thriving shops, restaurants and service providers make neighborhoods more liveable. Besides, mere proximity makes the barrier to repeat purchase lowest among locals.

But PoasterBoard deals are not simply different because of whom they target. First, individual businesses pay nothing for a permanent StoreFront Poast on  We are supported by a fixed monthly subscription fee paid by your local small business association. And just as importantly, PoasterBoard takes no commission from your Poasted offers. In other words, you keep 100% of every sale you make using

The Scroll Before the Stroll

As your community “deal repository,” PoasterBoard enables incremental impulse clicks whenever local customers check-in. (e.g. “I went to my PoasterBoard looking for a specific deal, and I found two other cool offers while I was there!”)

Deals on manifest as single-use digital coupons for easy, trackable redemption of any offer.  It’s literally like putting a local-to-local marketplace in everyone’s pocket.

A Great Deal Hits You Where You Live

At the end of the day, local customers are not only your most reliable revenue, they’re the most effective influencers of other locals (and of non-locals).  With, you’re providing something special for friends and neighbors and their friends and neighbors.

As someone who is even more committed to your location than your best customers are, maybe this is a deal you can live with.

Author: MDG

Chief Marketing Officer,

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